Submission Deadlines

Authors must submit their draft (1000 words) no later than February 21, 2012 at

For this extended abstract, there is no need of a special formatting. A simple PDF file containing 1000 words (~2 pages) should be uploaded using the submission page.

Format Instructions for Final Submission

Upon acceptance (March 30, 2012), the author must submit the final version before June 6, 2012. The final manuscripts must be in English for inclusion in IEEE Xplore. Six pages in the IEEE PES standard format are allowed for each paper, including figures and references. The PDF file must not exceed 2 MB. Your paper will be reviewed. Before submission, the PDF file of your final paper should be checked for IEEE Xplore compliance, and an online signed IEEE copyright form is required for each paper. We strongly recommend that you follow the step-by-step instructions in the sections:

Thank you for your submissions.

Instructions to Prepare your IEEE Xplore-compliant Paper

Step 1: Paper Format

Write your paper using the PG4 template of PES Author's Kit. Do not change the formatting in any way.

You may directly download the Word template.

Step 2: PDF Creation

Create a PDF version of your paper embedding the fonts. The PDF file must not exceed 2 MB.

Instructions to Prepare a PPT File for the Conference Digest

For each contribution (paper or video), authors must prepare a single-page digest PowerPoint file for inclusion in the conference digest to be distributed to all registered participants. Download the PPT template.

Please have your one-page digest PPT file ready to upload when accessing the submission form.